10 Counselling Master’s Scholarships

 Let us explore some of the best counselling master’s scholarships around. Have you come to notice that you are a good listener? Or that you love to help people solve problems in their hard times? Then a job as a counsellor will not be a bad choice for you.

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should study counselling, some of which include the fact you will earn a good pay.

On average, a counsellor can earn as much as $62,700 yearly. Moreso, the demand for counsellors has increased over the years. In Australia for instance, the demand went from 15,000 to 25,000 between 2005 and 2020.

But all of these cannot be achieved by an ideal man. Yes, getting educated to be a counsellor is the route to it.

But do you realize you will even do better if you have a master’s degree? That is the reason we have put together these 10 counselling master’s scholarship programs for you – in case you are not financially stable enough to sponsor yourself.

The following are some of the ten best you should look into.

1. Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship

A large number of Americans live with mental illnesses but on the contrary, residents add to the stigma – a barrier to treating mental illnesses.

If as a counsellor you show your interest or commitment to helping the reduction of the stigma of mental illnesses, you can apply for this offer.

It grants a sum of $5,000 to applicants. 

Are you interested in this program? Click here to continue. 

2. Scott and Paul Pearsall Grant

This program has been designed to serve students who are full-time graduate learners with good grades in their academics. To be qualified for this program, you should make your sponsors realize you are interested in building a sense of belonging and well-being in physically disabled people.

The organization grants a $10,000 worth award yearly. Start your application here

3. Harvey Neal Kretzer Scholarship

What a qualified applicant will be awarded, on Harvey Neal Kretzer Scholarship varies – sometimes depending on how much funding the platform has at the time.

Are you a graduate of Youngstown State University in Ohio? One more thing to get this offer, show your dedication to assisting disadvantaged individuals. 

Start your application here

4. NBCFF Minority Fellowship Program

Yes, here comes another wonderful opportunity you can explore for your Master’s degree in counseling. $20,000 is a whole lot of money that can go a long way to help your education.

The purpose of this program is to help students aiming to become family and marriage therapists. It awards as many as 80 postgraduate minority students yearly. 

Apply for this program now

5. Service for Transition Age Youth Fellowship

10 Counselling Master's Scholarships

Apply for service for transition age youth fellowship, if as the name suggests, you are aiming at providing services based on quality research to people between the transition age (of 16 to 25). 

If you meet the various requirements needed to be eligible for this program, you are already standing a chance to win as much as $6,000 for your education. Learn more about applications for this program

6. Emeliza Swain Legacy Scholarship

This may appear to be the least funding scholarship on our list, but it can go a long way for you since you won’t be sweating it out. It awards a grant worth $1,000 to eligible candidates. 

Start your application here

7. Marie C. Quinn Memorial Scholarship

Here is a $4,000 worth scholarship that can help take your education as a postgraduate far. You don’t want to miss out on it.

A few things are nonetheless prioritized by the providers of this offer, to tell whether a person will be entitled to enjoy it or not.

You must be passionate about becoming a counsellor, and be a resident of Nassau county in New York. Would you like to apply for this offer? Click here to get started. 

8. Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

Have you been actively participating in any movement for economic and social justice in the United States? You can stand a chance to win this $15,000 worth scholarship award.

Your application for this scholarship grant must be submitted before April 1, and you are to wait for the platform’s response which may reach you in July. 

Start your application here

9. Hispanic Scholarship Fund

If you’re a student of Hispanic heritage, you can do well to look into running your counselling postgraduate program with this scholarship.

Work towards a minimum GPA of 2.5 if you would like to fund your education with this scholarship grant. Award is worth $5,000. Start your application here

10. Pride Foundation Scholarship

The grant of the Pride Foundation Scholarship may be much and very helpful but it is one of the scholarships limited to a few people.

  • To stand a chance to win this offer, you should be a resident of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, as well as Alaska.

PFS could grant applicants as much as $10,000 for their master’s degree program in counselling.  

Click here, to get started with the application process. 


10 Counselling Master's Scholarships

We would all agree that counselling as one of the professions that can help you find fulfillment after every working day, is worth taking a student loan for. But this piece has even made it easier for scholars aiming to obtain a master’s degree in the field, with the aforementioned 10 counselling master’s scholarships. Do not hesitate to share it with others, if this was a good read. 


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